Services and Capabilities

Want a better idea of what we can do? Check out this list and then continue reading to learn more!

  • Full-Service Paint and Body Shop
  • Trailer Repairs (Small Jobs to Rebuilds)
  • Straightening Services for Bent Axles on Trailers, Big Semitrailers and Rear Housing on Tractors
  • Steer Wheel Balancing
  • Suspension and Alignment Work
  • Frame Work, Such As Untwisting Crowns and Repairing Side Bends in Trucks and Trailers
  • Insurance Work
  • Aluminum Welding for Tankers, Cattle Trailers, Fuel Tanks and Headache Racks
  • Fifth Wheel Pin Installation

Mid-Tex Frame & Axle Inc.
170 Mid-Tex Road ● Lorena, TX 76655
Paint and Body Work: (254) 857-4651
Alignments and Trailer Repair: (254) 857-4608 ● (254) 857-4609

We perform aluminum welding on tankers, cattle trailers, fuel tanks and headache racks. We can also install new fifth wheel pins and plates if necessary.

We can balance the steer tires on the vehicle with the drum, hub, wheel and tire all getting spun as they would when going down a road. For maximum tire wear, we recommend balancing the steer tires two to three times during the life of the tire to avoid getting flat spots.
Frame MachineFront-End Pit
We have a frame machine to untwist crowns or repair side bends to trucks and trailers. We have straightened drill stems, forklifts, and even hay balers and combines with our equipment.
We have two front-end pits equipped with Bee Line equipment along with a Hunter laser computer system, which will print before and after readings incorporated in one pit. We have the capability to tilt the top of the wheel in or out, which corrects the camber on a steer axle to complete front-end alignment. We can check the suspension on your vehicle and do a complete three-axle alignment too.
Wheel CenteringTire Balancing
In addition, we have the tools to center the wheels in the hub-pilot hubs that most trucks now come with.
We can straighten bent axles on boat trailers, horse trailers, goosenecks and light cattle trailers. We are also able to straighten big semitrailer axles and rear housings on tractors.
We can perform trailer repairs from small jobs to rebuilds. We can make repairs to the floors or replace the entire floor. We can also put on one side panel or all of them. We replace slider units for damaged, whole or partial roof skins. Need more light? We can also create fiberglass white translucent roofs. What's more, we can re-bush and align suspensions and rewire if needed.
Fixing TrailerBoat Trailer RepairTrailer

We have a full-service paint and body shop with a new down-draft paint booth that we have recently installed. We can do custom paint schemes or fleet services. Our painters have over 40 years of combined experience, and have been schooled by DuPont on proper procedures for their product. Our body men repair small fender jobs all the way up to more intensive work like layovers on a regular basis.
We offer free estimates, and will work with any insurance company or adjuster to provide the best service for a fair price.
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